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Early Career

How do I become a General Practice Nurse (GPN)?

There are a number of pathways to become a General Practice Nurse (GPN) ranging from: applying directly to a GP practice to become a GPN; to structured work-based education and training – although this varies across the UK.

GPNEN Flowchart

The first step is to access websites that will provide you with detailed information on the role of the General Practice Nurse e.g:

Make contact with a local practice

1. All General Practices have a website, you can:

  • Email, telephone or write to the Practice Manager and or General Practice Nurse
  • Ask: to meet them to find out more about the role; if you can shadow them in practice;  if they are aware of any GPN posts  that may be available; can they direct you to other sources   of information and or support.

2. Access your local Clinical Commissioning Group website for job opportunities – do not be put off by adverts requesting GPN experience –be prepared to promote your expertise!

3.  Establish if a potential employer will support you to undertake an academic programme

Find out where posts are advertised

  • Check the local paper
  • NHS Jobs website now have a dedicated site for General Practice Nursing training and job vacancies
  • Contact the local training hubs that can provide help and advice on training, funding and possible practices looking for GPNs
  • Look out for GPN events and conferences in your area
  • Look on the local LMC website job vacancies

Other sources of support and advice

  • Go to this page to check universities that offer academic General Practice Nurse programmes, speak to the course lead for further guidance – most Universities will provide courses related to GPNs including foundation courses in GPN and CPD education.

What are the career opportunities?