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A headshot photo of Angie hackAngie Hack, Assistant Director of Nursing Programmes at The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), recently appeared on the Wessex LMCs podcast. Alongside host Zoe Tobin, Nurse Advisor at Wessex LMCs, Angie explored the evolving role of the General Practice Nurse (GPN) in primary care in the UK.

This insightful podcast episode provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the general practice nurse role in the UK. It covers essential topics for current and aspiring GPNs, including the necessary skills and qualifications, the various GPN roles in general practice, education pathways into the specialty, sources of support for trainees, and useful resources for practice nurse training and development.

As a chair of the Association of Academic General Practice Nurse Educators (AAGPNE) and extensive expertise in general practice nursing, Angie offered invaluable insights on the GPN role, the importance of continuous professional development and available support.

Click here to access the podcast and gain valuable insights into the general practice nurse role in the UK.


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