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This blog is the fifth in a series written by Queen’s Nurse Maggi Bradley, who undertook a Topol Digital Fellowship and developed Video Group Clinics for patients in primary care.

So, the final day of the Fellowship programme arrived with the inevitable poster presentation. I had previously dreaded these sessions but by keeping my design simple and highly visual, I felt that I was able to demonstrate my journey clearly and with impact.

When I arrived in the auditorium where the posters would be displayed, imposter syndrome jumped on my shoulder and began whispering that I should have developed a more technical presentation. I needn’t have worried as my work was praised for its originality and clarity. This wasn’t the only recognition my work received:

  • I was a finalist in the Nursing Times HRH The Prince of Wales Award for Integrated Approaches to Care, held at London’s Grosvenor Hotel
  • I was named Practice Nurse of the Year in the General Practice Awards 2021, receiving the award from TV celebrity Tom Allen.

Winning the latter was so unexpected – I hadn’t put my lippy on and didn’t realise that my name had been called until my husband leaned over and said, “It’s you, you have to go on stage!” Receiving recognition from my peers was so overwhelming and this was a night I will never forget.

Queen's Nurse Maggi Bradley - winner of the General Practice Award 2021

My work has also been the focus of broader attention including invitations to submit articles, write blogs, speak at events, and undertake broadcast interviews.

My first live media interview was with BBC Radio Merseyside, and I can still feel the terror that my sometimes-Scouse accent would be heard in homes across the region I live in. When the recording went out, I listened on my own in my room at work, while my colleagues in the rest of the Practice listened together upstairs. It turned out to be a very proud day.

Probably the strangest moment was when I was asked to appear on BBC TV’s The One Show, to talk about the success of the activities I had undertaken to support patient access to Primary Care, work I was only able to do because of my fellowship with Topol. Most importantly, this appearance called for an emergency hairdo and a new dress!

My Topol Fellowship has allowed me the time and capability to share new ways of working with Practice Nurses, GPs and other clinicians across Sefton, Lancashire, South Cumbria, and beyond. It has given me the opportunity to inspire healthcare providers to think differently and I now receive calls from across the UK from those interested in my work. I continue to support, encourage and champion the use of technology in broadening access to healthcare for patients with a range of conditions and I will continue to broaden and expand this work as a Topol Alumna.

My closing words are for HEE and the Topol Leadership Team. The work I have undertaken as a Topol Fellow has enabled me to improve the lives of patients, many of whom have chronic conditions. There are multitudinous opportunities for enhancement and modernisation in the Primary Care sector and this is an area which would greatly benefit from the opportunities inherent in the Topol Programme.

I would vigorously encourage you to share the benefits of the Programme and to promote it to those working in Primary Care, particularly those who are new to Primary Care who bring fresh eyes and attitudes to future ways of working.

I wish the Topol Fellowship Cohort for 2022 my best wishes for the journey you are about to undertake.

Maggi Bradley

General Practice Nurse, Queen’s Nurse, HEE Topol Digital Fellow 2021

Follow Maggi on Twitter: @nursemaggi


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